Three New Year Resolutions for Your Dog

At this time of year, we spend a lot of time reflecting on what we need to improve for ourselves and it often revolves around achieving goals. They can cover a wide range of things, from getting fit, eating better, working better, spending more time with family and friends. What about the furry members of our family? They rely on us to make their lives better, so why not include them in our new year plans for 2017!

Resolution #1. More Affection

We have seen a lot of research on how the bond between human and dog is beneficial to our wellbeing and being greeted by a wagging tail on arriving home is a joy that every dog owner can relate to. But what are the best ways to express our love for dogs that they recognise?

Gently scratching behind a dog’s ears is one of the best ways to show affection. If you have done it before you will notice that they lean into your hand and close their eyes. A dog`s ears are full of nerve endings that send impulses through the body releasing endorphins. When you show affection to your dog with ear rubs, you can be sure their getting the message.

A study published in the journal Science found that dogs can understand some human speech. Dogs were studied in an MRI scanner that showed that they experienced the most happiness when they heard not just a positive tone, but words of praise, as well. This suggests they don’t just listen to the tone, they are also interpreting meaning in words. Talking to our dogs has more benefit than we realised and is a great way to express how we feel about them.

Each of us has our own special way that we express love for our dog and doing more of it can only be a good thing for dog owner and dog in 2017!

Resolution #2. More Exercise

We can all get caught up in our hectic lives and getting exercise isn`t always easy, but it’s the last thing we should miss, for us and our dogs.

Exercise has many benefits for dogs:

* Helps prevent premature ageing

* Maintains strong bones

* In moderation helps arthritis

* Helps maintain healthy weight

* Helps rid body of toxins

* Improves insulin health

* Great for wellbeing

Making exercise a priority for your dog in 2017 will be time well invested for both of you.

Resolution #3. Commit to a better, natural, healthier diet

We can choose what we fuel our body with and increasingly we are being encouraged to eat more whole foods that haven’t been processed, without preservatives and additives. What better commitment to a dog’s health than to provide them with the benefits of a natural diet that is free of preservatives, fillers and chemicals.

Benefits include better gut health, better digestion, quality bio available nutrients, improved energy, wellbeing, and the list goes on. With long term benefits, such as longevity and less vet bills, it makes so much sense.

Using natural, lightly cooked, human quality produce to nurture and care for your dog means he or she will be headed for a happier and healthier 2017. Fresh For Dogs can provide you with exactly that, delivered to your door!

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