Why Your Dog Should Be Eating Natural Food!

Increasingly as humans we have become more aware of the benefits of whole foods in our diet. In other words, high quality, natural, preservative free food that is high in nutritional value. We are now seeing more research that illustrates the same benefits when feeding natural food to our dogs.

For example, research was conducted in Belgium between 1998-2002 that looked at the life expectancy of over 500 dogs. They researched dogs fed a homemade diet, consisting of high quality foods used from the owner’s meals versus dogs fed an industrial, commercial pet food diet. The authors, Lippert and Sapy, were able to statistically show that dogs fed the homemade diet had a life expectancy of 32 months longer.

In 2005 study was conducted at Purdue University on Scottish Terriers, the results showed that adding fresh vegetables to dry commercial kibble prevented and/or slowed down the development of transitional cell carcinoma (aka bladder cancer)!

In the study, dogs ate a diet of dry commercial pet food, while some got an assortment of vegetables added to the mix at least 3 times per week. Dogs that ate any green leafy vegetables, like broccoli, had reduced the risk of developing bladder cancer by 90% and the dogs that consumed any yellow – orange vegetables like carrots reduced the risk by 70%!

With the rate in cancer of dogs one in two over the aged of ten, it is little wonder that owners want to do everything possible to ensure they are feeding their dogs the best diet they can.


The Benefits of Natural Diet for Dogs

• High quality essential animal proteins and vegetables
• No preservatives or chemicals
• No fillers
• Better health & wellbeing
• Longevity
• More Energy
• Less inflammatory illness
• Fewer visits to the vet

Why Lightly Cooked?

We lightly cook all our meals because having researched best practice in other parts of the world, we believe it is the best way to deliver you the most nutritious and safe food for your dog. The issue with highly processed dog food is the high temperatures that it is cooked at depletes natural nutrients. We also believe that lightly cooking our meals serves as best way of protecting against pathogens. However, without a doubt we believe that the most important thing when feeding your dog is high quality natural ingredients.

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