1. Input your postcode to get your delivery day (Fri or Sat).
  2. Decide which meals you would like, what size and what treats.
  3. We will deliver your order each week on your delivery day and leave in a shaded spot where possible.
  4. With your first delivery, we will provide a free cool box. When your next order is due please leave the cool box outside and we will leave your order in the cool box, with dry ice. After your first delivery, please leave your cool-box out the night prior to your next delivery. If your cool-box is not left out at the time of your next order being delivered we will leave your order in your requested position in a bag with dry ice.
  5. You need to place your weekly order by the midnight on the Thursday prior to your next delivery.

Can I Change My Delivery Day?
No, we are unable to do this as we deliver to specific regions on each day.

When do you deliver?
We deliver on Friday, Sat and Sunday, dependant on your postcode.     

Can I Specify The Time Of Delivery?
Unfortunately, we can`t guarantee a time. However, we will endeavour to be consistent with block of time that we deliver within each week.