Why Your Dog Should Be Eating Vegetables

Dogs have been eating vegetables for hundreds of years and for very good reason. Vitamins Vegetables provide most of the B Vitamins & A, E & K Minerals Dark leafy green vegetables contain important minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Phytonurtients Phytonutrients are only in vegetable material. Phytonutrients are protective. They include enzymes, antioxidents and […]

Diet unleashes new life for dogs

A Geelong couple has found a way to make canine nutrition a whole lot healthier, writes SUZIE COFFEY ‘People are struggling enough to understand about our own health needs and are probably only now learning the importance of eating unprocessed, natural foods. It makes sense that the same applies to dogs.’ FOUR years ago the […]


We are constantly being told of the benefits of eating a preservative free, unprocessed food to have the best chance of being healthy. Eating food that hasn’t been cooked at extreme temperatures and is high in nutritional value, mainly quality fresh animal proteins, vegetables and fruit. We are being told to eat less salt, refined […]

Why Your Dog Should Be Eating Natural Food!

Increasingly as humans we have become more aware of the benefits of whole foods in our diet. In other words, high quality, natural, preservative free food that is high in nutritional value. We are now seeing more research that illustrates the same benefits when feeding natural food to our dogs. For example, research was conducted […]

Three New Year Resolutions for Your Dog

At this time of year, we spend a lot of time reflecting on what we need to improve for ourselves and it often revolves around achieving goals. They can cover a wide range of things, from getting fit, eating better, working better, spending more time with family and friends. What about the furry members of […]